Mortal Animosity

Dedicated to displaying creative writing in order to engage the reader and promote the merit of Literature, as a means to express and explore life's conflicts.


Submission Guidelines: 

As this is a collaborative effort of Charles Sturt University students and not the literary intelligentsia, we will refrain from editing manuscripts or passing judgement on the literary “value” of each work. We are merely a group of artists seeking to display aspiring material, and any who wish to help us bolster our content will be welcomed with open arms.
To this end we sound the horns and call on writers to arm themselves with the pen; for the glory of literature and the revelry found within the theme of “Conflict“. We demand expressive Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry and Lyrics.

We accept manuscripts only through email so that the copyright remains with each author, and contributors are asked to provide a brief biographical note with their submission.
Send Submission Mail to

We are aware that rules stifle the imagination, but to ease the burden of our poor eyes, we beg you to please adhere to the submissions format:

* Brief biographical note                                 * 2.5cm margins
* Double spaced (Poem and Prose)         * 12-point type
* Single spaced (Poetry and Lyrics)         * Author’s name
* File forms (doc, docx & pdf)                      * Pages numbered


Word count Guidelines: 

Micro Fiction – 6-300 words

Short Story – Between 1 and 5 pages, 300-2100 words.

Prose Narrative – Between 3 and 10 pages, 2000-15,000 words.

Memoir – Between 1 and 3 pages, 600-1500 words.

Poems & Lyrics – Submission files may contain up to 5 poems and or lyrics. The maximum length of a submission is 5 pages. We accept all poetic forms but not translations.  

Timings & Copyright:

Submissions are to be sent before the 1st June, and we will respond within one-two weeks. We require previously unpublished works and accept multiple submission manuscripts.

Submissions will be proofread, and any grammatical errors shall be rectified. However, submitted pieces shall be uploaded unedited as we refuse to limit anyone’s efforts in self-expression.

A non-for-profit Journal, Mortal Animosity does not charge a readers subscription, nor do we require a submission fee. As this Journal is created in response to a university subject assignment, all manuscripts are considered donations for temporary use and copyright remains with the Author.


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